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12 October 2020

Boris Johnson announces new funding for local authorities in statement to parliament about the new local COVID-19 alert levels


Giving a statement to the House of Commons on COVID-19 announcing new three-tier, local COVID-19 alert levels, Prime Minister Boris Johnson says the government will provide local authorities in England with 'around £1bn of new financial support, on top of our £3.6bn Towns Fund. And for very high areas, we will give further financial support for local test and trace, and local enforcement and assistance from the Armed Forces'. Later, at the press briefing, Chancellor Rishi Sunak says 'up to half a billion pounds' will be provided to local authorities entering Tier 3 ('Very high').

Further information is provided later in the month. At the press briefing on 20 October 2020, Boris Johnson says that up to £465m had been made available to help local authorities implement and enforce restrictions. In parliament on 21 October, Steve Barclay, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, says 'local authorities in Tier 3 will receive a further £8 per head in respect of public health measures specifically linked to enforcement within the Outbreak Management Fund'. Later in the debate, Financial Secretary to the Treasury Jesse Norman says, 'we are supporting local authorities in Tier 2 or 3 with significant new funding. We have introduced a national funding formula of £1 per head in Tier 1 areas with a high incidence, going up to £3 and £8.' Discussing support for 'Very high' alert level areas, on 22 October Rishi Sunak says 'there is also a formula to provide the local authority with support of up to £8 per head, and that money is used to enhance local compliance enforcement and contact tracing'. A page updated on 10 December says that, 'following the move to local COVID alert levels, as of 12 October 2020, local authorities were eligible for payments from the Contain Outbreak Management Fund to support proactive containment and intervention measures. When local COVID alert levels were introduced in October, a letter was sent to all local authorities in England explaining the new funding formula and some funds issued under these arrangements.'


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