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9 March 2020

Boris Johnson, Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance set out plan to delay peak of the COVID-19 outbreak to the summer


This is a press conference presented by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, together with Chief Medical Officer for England Chris Whitty and Chief Scientific Adviser Patrick Vallance. Boris Johnson describes coordination with first ministers in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland in responding to the outbreak. He repeats the four-part COVID-19 plan (contain, research, delay, mitigate). He states that the NHS will have the government's full support in tackling COVID-19. Further measures are signalled to protect the most vulnerable 'in the days and weeks ahead'. The plan is to delay the peak of the disease until the summer. But Johnson acknowledges that the outbreak will create challenges: 'there is no hiding from the fact that the coronavirus outbreak will present significant challenges for the UK, just as it does in other countries'.


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