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27 March 2020

Daily briefing with Michael Gove, Simon Stevens, Jenny Harries – new 'Nightingale' hospitals and more testing for front-line workers


Michael Gove, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, includes the following key points in his statement. The NHS has been expanding the number of beds available in response to COVID-19, increasing the number of staff and investing in life saving equipment. Today, an alliance has been launched between government, research institutes and universities to boost the antigen testing capacity for front-line workers.

In his statement, NHS Chief Executive Officer Simon Stevens makes these key points. There are currently 6,200 COVID-19 positive patients in hospitals across England. The NHS has reconfigured services so that 33,000 hospital beds have now been freed up to treat COVID-19 patients, and is taking extraordinary action to build new hospitals, starting with the Nightingale Hospital in London. But this is not confined to London, so the NHS has also given the go-ahead to further hospitals, based at Birmingham NEC and Manchester Convention Centre, with more to follow. Current figures are that 18,000 doctors and nurses have returned to practice.


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