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17 July 2020

Government includes £3bn funding for the NHS in 'The next chapter in our plan to rebuild: The UK Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy'


The government plan sets out action across five stages: 'supressing the virus', 'opening up society and the economy', 'continuing our Plan to Rebuild', 'preparing for winter', and 'lifting restrictions step by step'. 

The plan refers to potential factors that may increase the risk of transmission during the winter and pressures on the NHS and 'other health infrastructure'. The government has provided an additional £3bn to the NHS, which includes additional funding to allow the NHS to continue to use additional hospital capacity from the independent sector, and to maintain the Nightingale hospitals until the end of March. It will fund a new enhanced discharge policy, but will continue to test all patients being discharged into a care home. The government is auditing critical winter stockpiles of equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure there is adequate stock. It will also be ‘rolling out the biggest flu vaccination programme in the UK’s history’.


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