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13 April 2020

Government issues update on coronavirus emergency response fund – £6.6bn of £14.5bn expenditure has gone to health services

Introduced by

HM Treasury

Targeted at

Public services, including the NHS and local authorities


Confirmed on 13 April 2020

Stated aims

To support health services to free up hospital beds and deliver urgent priorities including acquiring ventilators, diagnostic tests and personal protective equipment (PPE) for NHS staff. To enable home delivery of medicines to the most vulnerable. To support medical and nursing students, and retired doctors and nurses to join the front line


This is an update on the coronavirus emergency response fund, which was initially introduced at £5bn in the Budget on 11 March. It confirms that the £14.5bn of expenditure approved so far includes: £6.6bn of support for health services; £1.6bn for local authorities; £0.9bn to cover extra measures such as food packages for clinically vulnerable people advised to isolate who do not have a local network of family and friends. It also states that HM Treasury has provided £2.9bn to support hospital discharges.


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