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10 January 2020

Government publishes guidance for health care providers outlining infection prevention and control measures to be taken in response to COVID-19

Introduced by

Department of Health and Social Care, Public Health Wales, Public Health Agency (Northern Ireland), Health Protection Scotland, Public Health England

Targeted at

Health and social care providers


Published on 10 January 2020. Later updated regularly

Stated aims

This document provides guidance and information on infection prevention and control procedures to inform and advise local health care planning for COVID-19.


This government guidance outlines a range of infection prevention and control measures as sustained community transmission is occurring across the UK. Later updates include:

  • changes to waste categorisation and terminology for novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) on 31 January
  • changes to personal protective equipment (PPE) and mask and respiratory recommendations for different situations on 6 March
  • new guidance on when to use a face mask or FFP3 respirator and for putting on and taking off PPE for non-aerosol generating procedure on 21 March.

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