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9 April 2020

Matt Hancock launches biggest diagnostic lab network in British history at a new site in Milton Keynes to test for COVID-19

Introduced by

Department of Health and Social Care

Targeted at

The testing of NHS staff and their families currently in isolation will continue to be prioritised


Announced on 9 April 2020

Stated aims

To continue to prioritise testing of NHS staff and their families currently in isolation, allowing those testing negative, or with family members who test negative, to return to work


Health Secretary Matt Hancock announces the opening of the first of three ‘Lighthouse Labs’ to be set up across the country, dramatically increasing the number of COVID-19 tests that can take place each day. Each lab will have the capacity to test tens of thousands of patient samples each day, prioritising NHS staff to help them return to work. Two further Lighthouse Labs will open in Alderley Park and Glasgow in the next 2 weeks to add further lab capacity to test swabs for the virus.


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