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9 April 2020

PHE publishes infection prevention and control guidance with precautions for patients recovering from COVID-19 and remaining in hospital, or being discharged

Introduced by

Public Health England

Targeted at

NHS trusts


Published on 9 April 2020. Guidance later updated, eg on 23 April 'added clarifications of testing capacity and strategy' and on 20 May 'updated guidance (all sections)'

Stated aims

To provide advice on appropriate infection prevention and control precautions for patients recovering or recovered from symptomatic coronavirus (COVID-19)


The main measures in this new guidance are around:

  • stopping of COVID-19 isolation and infection prevention and control (IPC) measures if a patient is staying in hospital
  • discharge of a patient to their own home
  • discharge to a single occupancy room in a care facility, including nursing homes and residential homes
  • specific instructions for ongoing medical needs for severely immunosuppressed patients and those who have received critical care.

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