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2 June 2020

Public Health England publishes review of disparities in risks and outcomes from COVID-19

Introduced by

Public Health England

Targeted at

Public, policymakers, public health services, others involved in the pandemic response


Published on 2 June 2020. Review announced on 4 May 2020 and had been initially planned to publish finding by the end of May 2020

Stated aims

To review data on disparities in the risk and outcomes from COVID-19. To help improve our understanding of the COVID-19 pandemic and help guide the future public health response to it


The report is a descriptive review of surveillance data on disparities in the risk and outcomes from COVID-19. The review looked at different factors including age and sex, where people live, deprivation, ethnicity, people’s occupation, and care home residence.

The largest disparity found was by age. Among people already diagnosed with COVID-19, people who were 80 or older were seventy times more likely to die than people younger than 40.

Risk of dying among those diagnosed with COVID-19 'was also higher in males than females, higher in those living in the more deprived areas than those living in the least deprived, and higher in those in Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) groups than in white ethnic groups'.

When the review was first announced on 4 May 2020, it was stated that the analysis would initially focus on doctors and nurses.


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